The Listening Room

at Red Scarf Studio

A unique 40 seat listening room located at Red Scarf Studio in Durango CO. Here musicians set their ticket prices and also take home 70% of the ticket sales. We provide a place to honor music and its creation all while valuing the musicians and their craft.

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The Assortment: Live at Red Scarf Studio's Listening Room March 20, 2019

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The Assortment: Live at Red Scarf Studio's Listening Room March 20, 2019



The Assortment is a 4-piece Americana band based in Durango, Colorado. They perform Folk/Rock/Country/Blues/R&B and more from the 1950’s on into the 21st century. Band members Patrice DeLorenzo, Jeff Haspel, Michael Mixter and Jason Thies write original songs which comprise about one-third of the tunes in a typical show.

Their music progresses throughout their performances from powerful songs such as Tear It To Pieces, I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday, and Dock of the Bay, to Wishing for You and Sea of Heartbreak, to sultry renditions of Summertime and Fever, to the fun arrangements of Honeybee and Dixie Chicken. 

The band members have strong and wide-ranging vocals that blend to create their distinctive sound. There’s a soulfulness to their musical narrative no matter what the genre.  

From diverse backgrounds, Assortment members blend their passion for music together to create an energy that’s contagious.  They each bring a love for the art of music, a high regard for each other, and an appreciation and dedication to the band as a whole. They have a great time playing music together at practice and onstage which allows them to make music that flows and evolves.  

The Assortment musicians:  Patrice DeLorenzo (percussion, vocals), Jeff Haspel (Bass, guitar, vocals), Michael Mixter (Mandolin, guitar, percussion, autoharp, vocals), Jason Thies (Guitar, vocals). 

The Listening Room audience is 40 total. This intimate setting offers you the chance to interact with the musicians on stage and it also offers a time and space where you can hear the stories and music these members have created. And as always, 70% percent of ticket sales goes directly to the band.

Soundsmith Audio providing sound.

JTM Music and The Alternate Root is our sound sponsor for this show. Doors will open at 6:30, show is at 7-9pm. Coffee, tea and pastries provided.

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