The Listening Room

at Red Scarf Studio

A unique 40 seat listening room located at Red Scarf Studio in Durango CO. Here musicians set their ticket prices and also take home 70% of the ticket sales. We provide a place to honor music and its creation all while valuing the musicians and their craft.

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LIVE at the Listening Room: Rio & Maynes, Oct. 24, 2018

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LIVE at the Listening Room: Rio & Maynes, Oct. 24, 2018


From NY to California, Elle Rio finds herself nestled in the Rocky Mountain range of Durango, CO where home has been for nearly a decade. Being raised as a touring youth, her journey took her through America and across the seas many times in classical symphonies and jazz bands. Being classically trained, having studied musical theatre and jazz performance on double bass, she allows her influences and insights to play a roll in her delivery of music and sees life as moments to be connected with something that is universal, bringing about hope and remembrance of who we really are! 

Asked when little why she wasn’t a flute player, she told folks..... “I want to work and there is always a bass in every band!”  And she learned quickly that sometimes it takes a little strength to carry one’s gym around, but the payoff is spectacular! 

Bringing the double bass into the forefront of the stage, she uses her musical journeys to dazzle the ears and create peace in the soul. Deeply moving and uplifting in nature, Elle lends her heart to the audience to allow the music to be the connecting point of humanity and says, “the spirit of song does the rest!”

Joined by her good friend and talented musician Jack Maynes on Piano, the two, called Rio & Maynes, has a way of pulling you in quietly and serving you a dose of touching tones. This is a kind of night you don’t want to miss. 

Show is 10-24-18 Doors are at 630, show starts promptly at 7. 40 tickets available for purchase. We look forward to meeting you!

*This is a Soundsmith Audio sponsored event.

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