The Listening Room

at Red Scarf Studio

A unique 40 seat listening room located at Red Scarf Studio in Durango CO. Here musicians set their ticket prices and also take home 70% of the ticket sales. We provide a place to honor music and its creation all while valuing the musicians and their craft.

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Jenn Rawling in Concert June 13, 2018.

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Jenn Rawling_poster.jpg
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Jenn Rawling in Concert June 13, 2018.


Jenn Rawling is a visual artist and song writer celebrating the completion of her 3rd record, 'Golden Colors'.  'Golden Colors' was captured in DIY fashion, with musical friends in Durango, CO, where they transformed a small house into a recording studio.  

Co produced with Awna Teixeira of Po Girl, and Inaiah Lujan of In/planes,  'Golden Colors' is an offering of beauty and healing to the broken world. 

"My intention as a songwriter and visual artist is to contribute something that shifts our culture from violent and toxic to something more sustainable and just. I'm interested in using my energy to mend the broken parts with a lot of intention, to bring something beautiful to the world, despite the current climate.  I work artistically towards the goal of healing. I'm trying to create art that comes from the heart and is less about fulfilling expectations of a particular genre or sound."

Jenn composes highly melodic songs from fascinating scraps of images and phrases, singing them with a vibrant, immediately engaging yodel-edged alto. Her poetic lyrics are enhanced by her sophisticated sense of phrasing and pace.  Her work binds people back to the web of life, reconnects us to the land, and celebrates the continuance of human, animal, plant, and elemental relationships. 

This particular Listening Room concert will be unique in that not only will Jenn be performing on stage but we will also be surrounded by her artwork displayed on the walls.  Yes items will be for sale.  For more information on her visual artwork, visit her easy site:  DEER LOVES ROSES

WE look forward to seeing you all at the concert and art exhibit.  Jenn will have a few guest friends playing with her that evening.  You won't want to miss this..


Makes music not war!

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