The Listening Room

at Red Scarf Studio

A unique 40 seat listening room located at Red Scarf Studio in Durango CO. Here musicians set their ticket prices and also take home 70% of the ticket sales. We provide a place to honor music and its creation all while valuing the musicians and their craft.

2019 Sound Sponsor:


Robby Overfield LIVE at The Listening Room 12/12/18

sold out

Robby Overfield LIVE at The Listening Room 12/12/18


Hear the soul in every note…see the soul in every expression……feel the soul in every show. There isn’t a single moment that isn’t fully encompassed with passion and authenticity. You can tell that music isn’t everything to him, its the only thing and everyone knows you can’t fake a goosebump.

Robby Overfield is a musician who blends the art of storytelling and genuine lyrics with a powerful voice to compliment an encapsulating listening experience.

Stretching his soulful Detroit, Michigan roots all the way to the rocky skyline of Durango, Colorado, Robby has continued to grow and expand his musical framework to include unique perspectives to his own life’s episodes and encounters. With a tremendous ability to captivate an audience through subtle build-ups and incredible delivery, his songs are bound to have folks walking away changed by the power of music and emotion.

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