The Listening Room

at Red Scarf Studio

A unique 40 seat listening room located at Red Scarf Studio in Durango CO. Here musicians set their ticket prices and also take home 70% of the ticket sales. We provide a place to honor music and its creation all while valuing the musicians and their craft.

2019 Sound Sponsor:


Sara Illsley & Guests LIVE at the Listening Room 11/14/18

sold out

Sara Illsley & Guests LIVE at the Listening Room 11/14/18



Sara Illsley was born and raised in Mexico. 
From early in life she developed a passion for singing (no wonder why her first word was bird!)

After having her first child, she decided to audition for a children’s music group and that’s how the journey started. For 12 years, she recorded multiple cd’s with a few groups and toured many plazas and important theaters in Mexico and other countries.

She studied opera in music school for a few years and even though she did not pursue this line of singing, Opera is still one of her favorite music genres. She had some other experiences with children’s music, including dressing up as a bunny rabbit.

In 2003 and 2005, she was invited to record the music of one of the most important Latin children’s music composer: Francisco Gabilondo Soler, Cri-Cri. From some of this work, came a DVD that has sold almost 500,000 copies in multiple editions and versions.

When she moved to Durango she stopped singing to raise her second child. This concert is the start of a new era of her singing career and she is excited to be on stage again with all of you! Singing in Spanish and Portugese, this event will to take you to places afar.

THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT! Please grab your tickets in advance. This is a SoundSmith Audio sponsored event. There are 40 tickets total. Doors open at 630pm and the show will start promptly at 7pm.

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